Solo (duration: 35’)
Creation in october 2007 “danse en vol” (Dance in Flight) Festival at Théâtre de l’L (Brussels)

ln Daybreak, Erika Zueneli explores the body’s fate in a journey composed of mutations. An organic system, whether human or animal, and the heroic subject of an action film, the ordinary body escapes into fantasy, contorts, surrenders and then stands still before achieving a state of permanent instability.

“Her trajectory is unique, (…) but it is her destiny to go round in circles, to push through obsession in haste, making up for lost time. On her way, she explores feelings of power and powerlessness. What we dream of, but equally what we give up” (…). text by M.V.

Choreographed and interpreted by: Erika Zueneli
Artistic consultant and sound design: Sébastien Jacobs
Assistant and set design: Olivier Renouf
Costume: Colette Huchard
Lighting: Christian Welti
Production: L’Yeuse. Co-produced with Théâtre de l’L, co-directed with Étoile du Nord. Co-produced by the CDC du Val-de-Marne/ Biennale national de danse. Research residency at Micadanses-Paris. Project completed with the support of the National Dance Center (CND).