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TANT’AMATI, 2022 > 2025

The Atterrissage cycle is a project aimed at young people, which began with the creation of Landfall, the first opus of a larger project planned over the next three years. Atterrissage, which means “the act of landing” in French, is a participatory project, or an echo of the Landfall presentations. It responds to the desire to reach out to new generations, aiming to develop creative processes with them, through questions shared through writing, dance, and words… The goal is to establish a direct discussion between the artistic team and local young people. A process that will develop over 3 years with a series of workshops/meetings with various audiences, and is set to ̀ evolve according to the ages reached. More broadly, it is part of a desire to tell the story of the present through particular intimacies, thus blurring the divide between the individual and the collective, the intimate and the political.

ATTERRISSAGE / With young people
Tant’amati/Asbl @ Central – La Maison de Tournai Erika Zueneli
In collaboration with Louise de Bastier and Olivier Renouf

How do you define a generation, and more specifically, the one that will be called upon to think about the artistic, political and philosophical worlds of the future? This is one of the questions that, echoing the Landfall creation, inhabits and triggers the ATTERRISSAGE cycle.
The project is conceived as a survey conducted around / with young people who have yet to be defined. What does it mean to be young today? What makes it special? A way of thinking about what the present is today, and how – coming as I do from a very different generation – I can, or must, fit into it.Above all, it allows me to examine the potential of creating an artistic object that does not constrict these young people to the representations generally associated with them.”
– Erika Zueneli

In real terms, Atterrissage is: A multi-faceted project that is constantly reshaped in tandem with the audiences that see it and interact with it. ATTERRISSAGE can thus be defined both as a variation in form, across a variety of durations and locations (outdoor, indoor, in situ), and as an extension to different audiences:

● Young artists, with a desire for two-way transmission (encounters / laboratories)
● Amateur artists, who could become an extension of the LANDFALL creation with performances based around, and echoing, the presentations.
● Schools and associations

In collaboration with Louise de Bastier (director), workshops are devised, based on Landfall’s dramaturgy, around writing processes, both individual and/or collective. This written material is then leveraged to create spoken and danced material that is unique to each individual, but which at the same time sits within a collective dynamic.
How do you tell your story on stage? Through words, dance or the eyes? Our aim is to use writing exercises to anchor these social and political reflections in an artistic context from the outset. They are thus freed from the weight of meaning to be written in a gesture or a word, and become more abstract, more poetic, while retaining their initial sincerity.


“Mordre le soleil”
Conservatoire de Mons-ARTS² – Master 1 (mélangés)
(Autumn 2023)

At the Mons ARTS conservatory, from the third year onwards (PE3), programs include external contributors who work with students on artistic projects that put them in a creative situation. This enables them to confront partners with a different history and practice from their own. The resulting works are presented to the public.


We began by asking ourselves how to make a space vibrate today (?).

Then we layered on fragments of existence. Inspired by poems, images and words. We questioned our present – vast, blurred, mobile, deeply personal. Each of us composed singular scores that gave life to a colorful, fragmented journey where desire, protest and passion melt and merge into the group!

This poetics of fragment and defragmentation says something about our reality.

Nothing is taken for granted, but everything exists!

MUSIC: excerpts from La meute (Think Twice), Beethoven (Fidelio Overture), Panasonic Pipilotti, Haendel (Sarabande) Thomas Turine (She), Superpoze (Pavane)…

With : Anne de Molina Thomas – Capette Pauline – Dandoy Grégoire – Flamme Hélène – Hernandez Citlali – Jacob François – Mpengekeze Josué – Ndwaniye Tania – Siatidis Lucia Eleni – Terral Milo and thanks to the Carré des arts team.

* Mordre le soleil –  from Carol Sansour’s poem À la saison des abricots


Milieu scolaire- social

– In September-October 2019 she will be leading two seminars for students at the Université Côte d’Azur, Dance Section of the Arts Department – UFR LASH. Course “Savoirs du corps dansant: improvisation, transmission, archives” (Knowledge of the dancing body: improvisation, transmission, archives)
– 2018 – For the ALYCCE project at the Lycée Eugène Delacroix in Drancy, in partnership with 104 in Paris.
– 2017 – With Daniela Labbé Cabrera’s company I’m a Bird now, for the D’une mémoire à l’autre project with elementary classes at the Joliot Curie school in Bagneux at the Théâtre de Bagneux.
– 2016-17 With the Théâtre de Bligny and Rencontres Essonne danse (91), workshops were set up for hospital patients to provide an artistic practice likely to reinforce self-construction and one’s relationship to the world. As well as other dance workshops around the Allein!
– project (Geografia 2018-21): A collaboration with a facility for autistic people and people with motor difficulties took place in August 2018 with La Magica fattoria in northern Italy, giving rise to small moments shared with the population. This was followed by further interventions until 2021 with a group of teenagers for the Geografia project.



In collaboration with Olivier Renouf at Cie. L’Yeuse
1) Artist residency at the Lycée agricole de la Bretonnière 77120 Chailly-en-Brie, with the Passeurs de nature project.
2) MICACO project as part of the Art and Culture program in secondary schools in Ile de France – Paris on the theme of Encounters.
2019 – 2022

The project: to accompany young students in questioning their own relationship with nature in relation to their future professions; to open the doors to a reflection on the man-nature link, in a sensitive and artistic approach. But also on man as an individual, rubbing shoulders with other men, his relationship to himself and to others, echoing our current situation and socio-cultural context.



SINCE 2015

Working with other artists at the Cap Etoile cooperative in Montreuil, she has directed numerous multidisciplinary workshops for amateur and professional audiences. She also regularly organizes choreographic laboratories.

The project: aimed at anyone with a minimum of physical experience. This workshop aims to stimulate a taste for experimentation based on a practice that integrates bodily and sensory dimensions in relation to oneself and others, fostering the development of a creativity that is both intuitive and conscious.
intuitive and conscious creativity.


SINCE 2011

The company also proposes and directs projects involving the transmission and/or reconstruction of choreographic works:
– In 2013 with a Tutorat organized by the Centre National de la Danse-Paris with the piece Partita-s, presented at the Théâtre Chaillot for “Danse en amateur”.
– In 2011 as part of the Première scène project with the Vitry sur Seine school and the Biennale de danse du Val de Marne (France) for the piece Générations by Nicole Mossoux.