Duets – 2009 Creations
at the Faits d’Hiver Festival (Paris) and Vrak Festival (Brussels) in 2010
Duration : between 20’/30’

These small performance pieces are the first step in an examination of the dialectic of conflict that was subsequently developed into the Tournois (Tournaments) group piece. How does the individual adapt to conflicts? what can we say and do (and undo) to this very specific close relationship, which in fact engages a genuine sharing of intimacy…?

With the desire to decipher the absurdities of mankind, we set up face-to-face: two people sat at a table clash in micro-events of varying lengths. In this space of games and challenges, the rules of a funny kind of proxemics emerge. The playful side of this face-to-face encounter helps to reveal the violence with a smile: mimicry and ulterior motives, wary embraces, ephemeral friendly gestures, power seized without purpose… It shows the invisible and most essential aspects of human relationships in a universal language.


CDesign and choreography: Erika Zueneli

//IN-CONTRO // INTERPRETATION : Kataline Patkaï puis repris par Claire Haenni, Erika Zueneli SOUND : Sébastien Jacobs LIGHTING : Damiano Foà

// IN-CONTRI // INTERPRETATION : Juan Bénitez, Sébastien Jacobs and Olivier Renouf  SOUND : Sébastien Jacobs MUSIC: L. V. Beethoven


L’Yeuse and non-profit organization, in co-direction with L’Étoile du Nord. With the support of L’L – research and support space for young designers, Micadanses – Paris as part of the Faits d’Hiver Festival and the National Choreography Center in Créteil. Assistance from ADAMl, and DRAC-lle-de-France. French National Dance Center (CND) for studio provision.