Les cieux ne sont pas...(duo)

Duet (duration 50’)
Creation in February 2002 at the Chapelle des Brigittines (Brussels), represented in December 2003 at the Traverses Festival at the French National Choreography Center in Orleans

“The heavens are not humane, neither the heavens nor any man with a head on his shoulders…” (B. Hrabal)

Intrigued by “the lone being”, calling into question the way one considers oneself, the way one’s mind works, with its obsessions and losses, Erika Zueneli and Olivier Renouf found in the writing of Bohumil Hrabal’s “Too Loud A Solitude” the same anxious quest for meaning. Together, they created this project, loosely based on this basement book which is at once realistic and symbolic, a non-stop soliloquy, an interminable long internal monologue, which encourages movement and theatricality.


Design: Erika Zueneli
Choreographed and interpreted by: Erika Zueneli and Olivier Renouf
Lighting: Christian Welti
Music: Thierry Rallet
Stage design: Olivier Renouf and Maciej Fiszer
Costumes: Fabienne Damian


L’Yeuse, in co-production with la Chapelle des Brigittines, French National Choreography Center in Orleans, J. Nadj. Vith project support from DRAC lle-de-France and the support of the French National Dance Center (CND), and Gare au Théâtre Vitry-sur-Seine.