Noon (solo)

Solo (duration 20’) in collaboration with pianist Denis Chouillet creation in September 2000
at the Festival des Brigittines (Brussels)

From the disquiet generated by the universe of Edward Hopper, Erika Zueneli and pianist/composer Denis Chouillet created the solo “Noon”.

“An expectation, a movement in waiting. A solitude with an internal focus, so immersed in concentration that it forgets the object of its thought; a thought that now turns obsessively in on itself, creating a whirlwind that spreads throughout the body… Giving access to a state of desire and abandon, of challenge and demand, a “status in waiting”, written in the flesh and the experience of intimacy or society that belong to us.”


Choreography and interpretation: Erika Zueneli Lighting: Christian Welti Original music: Denis Chouillet Costume production: Valérie Guezenec


L’Yeuse, co-production with the Festival des Brigittines, with the support of the French National Dance Center (CND) and the cultural center at Tremblay-en-France for studio provision. Solo selected for the “Plateaux de la Biennale du Val-de-Marne” in September 2001

Erika Zueneli est accompagnée par le Grand Studio.