Piece for eight performers
Creation in October 2005 at the “Danse en Vol” festival held at Théâtre de l’L (BXL)
Duration: 60’

People move forwards, driven together by the same questions, ambitions, fears and desires. Mimicry and fusion, promiscuity and conflict. Between loss and play, they move and collide with the in-toler able proximity of the other. An organic entity on the move, the community stands united, opens, breaks up and rediscovers itself, integrating or rejecting the bodies that comprise it. Eight dancers explore a micro-society where everyone remains themselves, and yet where each person wanders in search of themselves in someone else.

Partita-s/ OUT is a project which, by virtue of its form and purpose, can be performed in a variety of spaces, in settings other than a theatre stage. The outdoor version allows the audience to move with the group, choosing their point of view and creating an overall movement that sculpts the space.


With Partita-s II we reproduced the same process in different places with different audiences. It’s an experiment that extends the themes addressed during the creation of the group and experiments with them on another scale, from 8 to more than 25 people, in relation to the environment, both indoors and out.

A group of around twenty people perform a modular choreographic score, activating the issues at stake by setting physical and social bodies in motion. Through an effect of measured or amplified contamination, rhythm and space are orchestrated in an organic, democratic and semantic way.

Produced as part of our residency at Mains d’œuvres in Saint Ouen in June 2008 and at the Château de Versailles at the Festival Plastique Danse Flore-2008. With the support of Arcadi (Action régionale pour la création artistique et la diffusion en Ile-de-France).



INTERPRETATION: Emmanuelle Beauvois, Sébastien Jacobs (Juan Benitez), Jean Fürst, Isabelle Pinon, Olivier Renouf, Philippe Rouaire, Frédéric Seguette (Louise Vanneste), Erika Zueneli.

PROJECT ASSISTANT: Olivier Renouf and Flore Vanhulst.


LIGHT CREATION: Christian Welti / Fabrice Olivier

COSTUMES: Maciej Fiszer / Fabienne Damien.


PARTNERS: In co-production with the ‘Danse en vol’ Festival at the Théâtre de l’L. With the support of the Drac Ile de France -Le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, the Communauté Française de Belgique and ADAMI. With support from Arcadi for the 2007-2008 season. Research residency at Micadanses – Paris and support from the Centre Nationale de la Danse for the loan of studios. The company is supported by Le Grand Studio.