Piece for eight performers
Creation in October 2005 at the “Danse en Vol” (Dance in Flight) Festival at Théâtre de l’L (Brussels)
Reprised in 2006 at Théâtre Varia (Brussels)
Duration: 60’

“People move forwards, driven together by the same questions, ambitions, fears and desires. Mimicry and fusion, promiscuity and conflict. Between loss and play, they move and collide with the intoler able proximity of the other. An organic entity on the move, the community stands united, opens, breaks up and rediscovers itself, integrating or rejecting the bodies that comprise it. Eight dancers explore a micro-society where everyone remains themselves, and yet where each person wanders in search of themselves in someone else.”


Design and choreography: Erika Zueneli
Interpretation: Emmanuelle Beauvois, Sébastien Jacobs (Juan Benitez), Jean Fürst, lsabelle Pinon, Olivier Renouf, Philippe Rouaire, Frédéric Seguette (Louise Vanneste), Erika Zueneli.
Assistants: Olivier Renouf and Flore Vanhulst.
Lighting: Christian Velti.
Original music: Yves Mora. Costumes: Fabienne Damiean.


L’Yeuse in co-production with Festival de l’L, Festival Danse en vol, the support of DRAC lle de France, and ADAMl. French National Dance Center (CND) for studio provision and re- search residency at Micadanses-Paris. Project created with assis- tance from the Ministry of the French Community Wallonia-Brussels – Dance department.