2013/14 creation at Les Brigitinnes (Bruxelles)
Duration 52′

Is it because they are melded together that they live this way, with- out tension or bitterness, but instead with a sort of benevolence? Or in contrast, is it because they have been separated for a long time, having stopped loving one another, without even being aware of it? With no fuss, and for a thousand identical moments, they pass through an apartment, the way one might pass through life without seeing it. A comedy that is domestic, ironic, and bittersweet, where an inventory is drawn up; a comedy composed of crossovers and ‘pas de deux’ where even the verbal exchanges are scripted…

Design and choreography: Erika Zueneli
Interpretation: Erika Zueneli / Sébastien Jacobs
Stage design: Perrine Leclére Bailly
Set design and consultant: Olivier Renoufv Lighting design: Abigail Fowler
Sound design: Sébastien Jacobs
Music: Brigitte Fontaine
Production: Tant’amati/Asbl in co-production with Les Brigit- tines, with the support of CG91, Théâtre de Bligny in connection with a residency with DRAC-Ile-de-France, La Briqueterie, CDC du Val-de-Marne et de Cap* for studio provision. Vith project assis- tance from the Ministry of the French Community Wallonia-Brus- sels – Dance department. Vith the support of the official agency for international promotion VBT/D and Grand Studio (Brussels).