Vai e Passa

Création 2016 – Théâtre de Liège – Festival Pays de danse (BE)
Length : 60′

Freely inspired by Virginia Woolf’s The Waves, Vai e passa is a race reflecting the extreme tension between the frenzy of the great world and the ephemeral nature of life, the violence of being and of nature, with its recurrences and explosions. This project explores the absurd condition of mankind, and the urgency that seems to exist to “be” and to “act”. Against a simple, abstract backdrop, the piece evolves in perpetual motion made up of passages, appearances and disappearances… Just like the crossings made by a stageboat subject to constant, subtle metamorphoses. Five dancers grapple with the relentlessness of time, falling prey to the uncertainty of the next day, a day that may perhaps dawn too late. One life, many lives; one way, a thousand ways, at once different and similar, where each individual makes a gesture and withdraws into a rhythmic movement evoking the ebb and flow of the tides. The eddy of these streams of consciousness, both similar and distinct, highlights the sense of urgency in its continuity, where time runs aground, between two cliffs.

Conception, choreographer : Erika Zueneli
Dancers: Antonio Montanile // Juan Benitez // Frauke Marlên // Tijene Lawton // Olivier Renouf, Erika Zueneli… Being distributed…
Other collaborators: Son creation : Brice Cannavo // Light creation : Simon Stenmans // Costumes – scenography : Perrine Leclere-Bailly // Stage management : Jimmy Boury
Administration: Juliette Addari // Booking : Cindy Vaillant
Productions (in progress) Tant’amati/Asbl with coproduction of Théâtre de Liège, Les Brigittines and Charleroi danses, Festival Fait d’Hiver avec Centre Wallonie Bruxelles (Paris – France)…..
With support of International promotion Authorized Agent WBT/D – WBI. The compagny is supported by the Grand Studio (Brussels).