Duet involving participants and installation
2013/14 Creation at the Festival Compil d’Avril with Charleroi danse (Brussels)
Duration: 50′

OR2 is in essence Olivier Renouf twice. One is a dancer, the oth- er a sound designer. Since 2010, Erika Zueneli has found food for thought in this homonymy. lnterested in a methodology similar to that of participative anthropology, she has documented the subject over a long period, fueled by meetings between both protagonists. From an anecdote told behind closed doors, she has created a poly- phonic spectacle on the theme of identity based around the danced body, sound evidence and visual arts created “from the outside looking in”. This first part puts dance at the heart of the portrait one O.R. paints of the other, enhanced by other viewpoints.

Design and choreography: Erika Zueneli
Dancer / choreographer : Olivier Renouf
Sound designer : Olivier Renouf
Actor / dancer : Sébastien Jacobs
Visual artist, lighting : Sylvie Mélis
Filmmaker : Dominique Aru
Production : A production by Tant’amati/Asbl non-profit organization with the L’Yeuse Association and in co-production with Charleroi Danse – Choreography Center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the National Choreography Center based in Tours, France directed by Thomas Lebrun, and l’Atelier à spectacles, a stage space funded in agreement with the Dreux urban area. With the support of DRAC-Ile-de-France, Cap* and the CND – National Dance Center for studio provision. This project was supported by OV with the help of A.P.A.C.