Duet (duration 45’) Created in June 2004 at the Festival de La Balsamine (Brussels)

Disharmony and mimicry make up the vibrating raw material of this exquisite duet in which Erika Zueneli and Agnès Dufour explore their intimacy and their similarities: how a search for harmony reveals itself to be but a struggle to ensure that one is ever more identical to the other… the need for safety in numbers, the desire to distinguish oneself in order to be reunited…


Design and choreography: Erika Zueneli
Interpretation: Agnès Dufour, Erika Zueneli.
Original music: Greg Barbedor
Lighting: Christian Welti
Costumes: Jean Fürst


L’Yeuse, co-production with Théâtre de la Balsamine, co-direction with l’Étoile du Nord and project support from DRAC Île de France, and ADAMl. Vith the support of the French National Dance Center (CND) and Micadanses-Paris for studio provision. Project created with assistance from the Ministry of the French Community Wallonia-Brussels – Dance department.